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Album Stats
Stories Of A Stranger: 29%
The Wanderer: 24%
In Between Now and Then: 12%
Souls Aflame: 12%
Cover Songs: 12%
Any Time Now: 6%
Risen: 6%

Show Rarity: 33.93%
Show rarity is the average rarity of all songs played at the show.
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Main Street Armory 02.04.2006 - Rochester, NY With: Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers
  1. Set 1:
    1. Wonderful Day
    2. Destination (Fire on the Mountain Tag)
    3. One Shot
    4. Hey Girl (Date Intro)
    5. About Mr. Brown
    6. Road Outside Columbus
    7. James
    8. City on Down
    9. Heard the World
    10. Sunday Bloody Sunday
    11. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker (Devil's Intro / Highest Mountain Outro)
    12. Love and Memories *
    13. Delicate Few (Second Half Only)
    14. Missing Pieces
  2. Encore:
    1. Dakota
    2. Black Rock (What I Am Tag / Blood Outro)
    3. Like a Rolling Stone $
Entire show with MikelParis on keys, percussion, and vocals.
* with the "Tamborine Ninja".
$ with Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers
First time Like a Rolling Stone was played.

Nathan Acker
Mike Sarnovsky

Downloads Like a Rolling Stone 8.9 MB

Reviews This show was AMAZING. I was the first person to step inside the armory, and of course was in the front row. The set list was amazing to this show and "Like a rolling stone" with steve kellog and the 6ers was an awesome cover. -Old Man Time February 5, 2006
this show was amazing... i waited out side since 330 but it was worth it to stand in the front row.. sweet setlist... like a rolling stone was amazing -wally2388 February 5, 2006
great show. i was right up front and it was awesome. crowd surfers got kind of annoying but the music was amazing. 2nd time ive seen them do Sunday Bloody Sunday and it was even better. -JJB1525 February 5, 2006
Awesome show, awesome bob dylan cover... -Braq24 February 5, 2006
Hands down, best show i have ever been to -cityondown13 February 5, 2006
pretty sweet show. not the best i have been to, but still real good. that was the first time they played like a rolling stone so that was sweet to be the first ones to hear it. piano man by SK6ERS was awesome too. -Znewk21 February 5, 2006
GREAT TIMES! a great show, first Like a Rolling Stone by Oar...Destination>Fire on the Mountain, was amazing, almost every song they played just rocked the place! CAN NOT wait for my next OAR show. 5th show and many more to come! -cjconway February 5, 2006
That show was incredible... the Dylan cover was amazing and it was great to be the first ones to hear it. Does anybody know if somebody taped it? -mct765 February 5, 2006
Wow! First O.A.R. concert for me and it was amazing. The Sixers were great with Piano Man. Awsome intro to Crazy Game of Poker and Like A Rolling Stone put the Armory in an Uproar... -chris_mascia February 5, 2006
OAR has yet amazed me again....I thought the NYC show was gonna be the best I might have ever seen but this one came very close to that.....they are definitely on their way..... -420_OAR_420 February 5, 2006
Awesome show. Second I've been to. Although it was essentially the same set I heard last time I'm so glad they played James and missing pieces was awesome to. Highlights have to be Stephen Kellog and the Sixers playing Piano Man, that shut up all the people doing O.A.R chants, Sunday Bloody Sunday, and Like a Rolling Stone was just unnbelievable. Only complaint was the crowd surfing and all the pushing, it just got annoying. It calmed down midset though so ended up being an amazing show. Can't wait to go see more O.A.R shows

Anyone know if the sixers would have been recorded? I would really like that along with o.a.r -smeritt12 February 5, 2006
sweet show, it was number #7. its def one of the better shows went to...the crowd didn't seem to bad although the only downfall was the lonnnnng lines to get a beer! -richbutts24 February 5, 2006
13th overall and still amazed it makes me want to go to more. love to hear like a rolling stone even though marc had to read the lyrics off the floor, still great show -kingofthething February 5, 2006
Great Show!!! Crowd surfers get annoying after a while, so just stop. -rocknroll54 February 5, 2006
My first OAR show and it was a lot of fun. Like a Rolling Stone was just great! City on Down was perfect! -eido11 February 5, 2006
Great show to kick off the rebirth of the Armory. I love Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers as an opener and they really had alot of fun with the crowd. For the sixth time i left the show saying "wow". O.A.R. just keeps getting better and better. Nice to see a n energetic crowd. Very fortunate to hear like a rolling stone. Tambourine ninja is a riot, i love that guy, or girl, who really knows. -cityondown February 5, 2006
This was and awesome show, just like other I have been to in the past. The venue was great and there was crazy energy. -jp2901 February 5, 2006
Welp... Once Again Marc and Jerry Fuckin killed as did the whole band...but those two stood out... sick as show in the armory wit the crew... Well in the End My Friends We were ALL there together again

Im huntin down... About An Hour Ago -CityOnDown420 February 5, 2006
Great show. Me and my girl trucked up from Jersey to catch this and we werent dissapointed. The energy was good despite the crowd surfing. My highlights were Kellog and the s6ers(What a pleasant surprise) the intro to poker which was really cool, And the sweet encore. -cah44 February 5, 2006
that show was awesome
but i was scared as shit of getting taken out by another crowd surfer, that was annoying -jimhasgoodtimes February 5, 2006
great show/setlist... love the mixture of the old w/the new! they keep on getting better and better! -oarjunkie10 February 6, 2006
Great show! Like a Rolling Stone was awesome! Definitly some annoying people in the crowd (kids who keep talking about they are ready to fight people at an OAR show, they get the music) I suppose they are everywhere though. Really an awesome show though just leave the high school trying to be tough guys at home. -ubmatt7 February 6, 2006
it was great to see the guys in MY hometown for once! First show i've seen them play in ROC CITY...The guys were awesome as usual, but not my favorite show. Jerry tore up the armory on his sax and really suprised me with his guitar solo.. WOW =) -Niccy11 February 6, 2006
Unbeleiveable show. Props to Stephan Kellogg and the Sixers, best opener by far- had a lot of fun with the crowd and pianoman was perfect way to leave off on for OAR to come out. The setlist was perfect with a 3 song encore to close it out well. Like a rolling stone= the best cover yet -OcAdR_89 February 6, 2006
2nd OAR show in ROCH, good venue, good tunes, good friends, gotta love the ninja -0 whose chariot 0 February 6, 2006
I toyed around with this song just for fun and if you speed up the tempo a little it gives it a remix dance mix feel. You can almost dance to it. Take a listen: here NOTE: As mentioned this was only for fun and sharing amongst the OAR fans...just thought this would seem a lil humorous or enjoyable. It was not to offend the tapers in any way. ENJOY!! : ) -dmbgreystreet05 February 7, 2006
Another Great Show!
Small venue, resembled a ballroom.

Crowd seemed older and more in tune than the Syracuse show in Nov.

Setlist breakdown:

Wonderful Day - nice lead in, got energy flowing right off the bat.

Destination - this song has come a long way and seems to be a joy for the band to play nearly everytime. It kept the energy up.

One Shot - I was sketchy at first over this one but i've grown to like it. It was well performed here.

Hey Girl - Everyone was in on this one, crowd pleaser.

About Mr. Brown - to my surprise it didn't seem to be well recognized. One of my fav's. of the show.

ROC - Great. Love it. Here's to a second home, wherever it may be.

James - Another one of my fav's. It was amazing. Nearly brought a tear.

COD - Bringing it back up.

Heard the World - Very thankful. Great song, perfect energy shift.

Sunday.. - Another great cover

Crazy Game - Nice long lead in. Powerful.

L&M - Nice

Delicate Few - The last two shows i've gone to i've only heard the second half. Bummer.

Missing Pieces - Classic, love it.

Dakota - Top pick for me. I've been on a kick for that song lately and enjoyed it much.

Black Rock - Nice, I like some of the older versions but this Blood outro is growing on me.

Like a Roling Stone - Amazing choice of cover. Great performance. Maybe a little older generation of song for the crowd, but I was appreciating it.

Overall it was a great show. People were into it, and there were no disasters that i heard about.

Thanks to Kev, Mel, Paige, for another great show. Had fun guys hope to do again soon. And to Matt, who enjoyed his first show.

Congrats O.A.R. for another amazing performance for a grateful audience. -Into the Revolution February 18, 2006
My first O.A.R. show, and definately not my last. I'll be at the Utica Aud on the 30th of March, then on to Hershey Park in June to see them open for Dave -RADangler March 11, 2006
This show was awsum, though it was the only OAR show i ahve ever seen, ive been a fa for a while and listed to many of teh live recordings and thsi show was amazing...though the croud serfers got anoying and people were throwing up everywhere teh concert had a great atmosphere and will forever be my favorite concert... ececially with Like A Rolling Stone... -Nirvana10566 March 18, 2006
What a great show. You could tell the band was having a great time. Black Rock was incredible and wrapping the show off with Like A Rolling Stone was perfect. -DMBprez March 25, 2006
The show was first OAR show, Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers were a great opener, James and Black Rock were incredible.Like a Rolling Stone with the Sixers at the end was amazing. -cityondown1410 March 25, 2006
First show here in the Armory, I was lucky enough to meet the band and get a front row "seat" with like 10 of my buds, my favorite OAR concert so far! -freestyleyanks March 26, 2006
Sick show, opening with Wonderful Day was nasty, crazy game of poker was the best with Marc's freestyle. The crowd sufers were getting on my nerves and my friend got a body tossed on him. Ending with Rolling Stone was great, one of the best shows! -DickBiddle101 March 31, 2006
Back to the ROC and it was well worth it...The fired up crowd deserved that AMAZING setlistt...cant wait to come back to the ROC in the summer time -Knowityoulover July 29, 2006
The show was awesome....the guys covered Sunday Bloody Sunday and Like a Rolling was truely electrifying....Come Back! -?WhoseChariot? March 13, 2007