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Album Stats
The Wanderer: 25%
Souls Aflame: 19%
Stories Of A Stranger: 13%
Risen: 13%
Unreleased: 13%
All Sides: 6%
In Between Now and Then: 6%
Cover Songs: 6%

Show Rarity: 28.49%
Show rarity is the average rarity of all songs played at the show.
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Tweeter Center At The Waterfront 08.18.2007 - Camden, NJ With: Augustana / Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers
  1. Set 1:
    1. The Wanderer
    2. Love and Memories
    3. One Shot
    4. Missing Pieces
    5. Here's to You
    6. Conquering Fools
    7. Mr. Moon
    8. On Top the Cage
    9. Hey Girl (Kaya Tag)
    10. Something Coming Over
    11. New Poker Intro ->
    12. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker (So Lonely Outro)
    13. Short a Try ~
    14. Delicate Few
  2. Encore:
    1. Midnight Rider *
    2. About Mr. Brown
~ Marc solo.
Entire show with MikelParis on keys, percussion, and vocals.
* with Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers.
* with Augustana.

Andrew Hadley

Reviews great show.. setlist was awesome.. a lot of old songs that i wasnt expecting... midnight rider was amazing...

taping?? -keysean August 19, 2007
it was my first show and a pretty damn good one. the wanderer was an amazing opening song.good setlist highlights for me were the wanderer, heres to you, some thing coming over, one shot, and of course hey girl and poker. i thought it was a little short and would have liked to hear daeh meyod or black rock but absolutely no complaints. had so much fun at this show singing and dancing with everyone. awesome energy. My favoriye song of the night was About Mr. Brown. what an awesome way to end the night! that was the song that i wanted to hear most and when marc started talking about micheal i lost it i was just so excited.
The band sounded great. jerry aka "the sexiest man in the world" (anyone who was actually in there for SK6 knows what im talkin about. marc sounded great although i wish he had freestyled a little more. Midnight Rider as the encore was amazing especially after the announcement that stephen kellogg is a father. overall an amazing show from my favorite band. i am so happy that i was there and i can't wait to see them again next year. hopefully i can get some pit seats next time. i hope everyone enjoyed this show as much as i did! peace -about mrbrown August 20, 2007
awesome show. best part for me was either heres to you or midnight rider. my second show of the tour. Probably the most fun i ever had at a concert. -kevinjohnson128 August 20, 2007
awesome show! my third of the tour. CAGE was awesome!!! crowd was into the show and the band was into really into it! -yankjet82000 August 20, 2007
Amazing show, so many good songs old and new. My highlight had to be Cage, the wanderer and getting to meet Jerry, Benji, Richard, and Mike Paris after the show. An unforgetable night -Bry23np August 20, 2007
First, i'd like to say that i'm extremely happy that they played Cage for Andrew and Jason. They, once again, did have the cage sign, and this time they actually played it. Also, Jerry gave Andrew an awesome signed painting of Marc which was real nice. to the show...Very Solid. Opening with the wanderer is always great. loved here's to you, especially the freestyle at the end. I, personally, really did enjoy mr. moon. I like the song a lot, even if it isn't as upbeat as other songs that they could have played. Same thing with short a try. Conquering fools was great too..

The crowd...decent...a little bit too much sitting. I think Marc noticed the lack of energy, especially during Cage, and had to urge the crowd to start getting down.. lots of annoying young girls, but there were a lot of people i saw rocking out the whole show too which was cool. Great show. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
-xthewandererx August 20, 2007
great show. crowd in section 101 was definately into it. loved cage and delicate few. short a try was great! highlights of the show were meeting Marc's and Chris' moms. -hew2 August 20, 2007
The Camden cops are totally out of control. We got there about 4:30PM and within 15 minutes they were interrogating everyone about their age. They took alcohol from at least two groups of kids (and their coolers!) and parked their paddy wagon by us for a good 45 minutes. But the topper is they made some of these kids leave the parking lot. THEY LET UNDERAGE KIDS WHO WERE DRINKING DRIVE AWAY. Unreal. Once they left the tailgate picked up and it was a beautiful day for an OAR show.

I thought the show was really good, different from other shows in the past. Plus the guys seemed to be having a good time on stage. Mr. Brown to end was killer. -harbor1p August 20, 2007
Solid show...The Wanderer, Here's to you, and About Mr. Brown were my favs...This was my sixth show and it wasn't the best...but definitely very very good as all OAR shows are -root23 August 20, 2007
Great show! A little different from other shows, which keeps it fresh. This was my 9th show and one of my favorites! There are always songs you want to hear but don't get to, but that keeps you wanting more. I cannot get enough of Hey Girl - I don't know why but it just picks me up. Encore was decent, and I thought Short A Try was stunning!

Thanks for taping - great job! -Gorsan August 20, 2007
Great Show..Mr Moon was amazing, Along with Cage, Short a Try and Conq. Fools..

Great Energy, Great Venue -BraceOAR August 20, 2007
Loved the show!! The set list was real solid and really well put together. I saw a copy of the original set and it had some good additions that I'm really disappointed they didn't play (To Zion Goes I, and I think Risen was on there too). Set wise, this was the strongest of all the shows I've been to (I want to say 7 but I'm not positive). I can't wait until the show goes up on the archives, and if it doesn't, well, let's just say I will be one very unhappy camper. Great show!! -deisner August 20, 2007
great night, but i'm not gonna lie the setlist could have been better. about mr. brown was a highlight. -hnn861 August 20, 2007
Might i just first say that this show was AMAZING! Though it did seem really short and seemed as if they coulda played 2 or 3 more songs. But the setlist was pretty insane and midnight rider was truely a pleaser to me. Though i seemed to be the only one in section 104 to know the words to the song.. But i must agree there was a lot of people sitting down along with the drunks sleeping. -thampel09 August 21, 2007
The show was very good. I loved the setlist and it was a great concert. I just wished they would have played 2 or 3 more songs.
And the cops were being ridiculous before the concert. I stopped at the Cambells Field parking lot and there cops everywhere clearing people out. They need to lighten up and let people have a good time. -Gford August 21, 2007
Well the cops at Camden have gotten more strict over the past few years because there used to be so much fighting and of course broken bottles all over the ground. Where we were parked the cops didnt do nothing. I hated the crowd. I caught 4 different people stealing beer out of my cooler. WTF!! You dont go taking beer out of peoples coolers. Bring your own beer and if your not 21 go find someone who is.

Now to the show, Kellogg was bad. OAR was a good show. Solid setlist. There was alot of songs I didnt expect that they played. Conquering fools, Delicate few, Midnight rider, about mr. brown are my highlihts. I wish they would stop playing love and memories. Great show overall, crowd sucked. -parrotisla August 22, 2007
I'm not gonna lie, this was my fourth show and this was the setlist that I liked least. I still had a great time but I was just dissappointed with a few of the selections. Mr. Moon isn't a great live song and playing Short A Try along with it is just one too many slow songs for one night. Also, they only played for just over 2 hours. I remember the first concert I went to, they played for around 2 and half to 2 hours and 45 minutes. Keep it to one opening act next time so we can listen to the band that we really came for. I will say that most of the songs they played were really good, just not some of my favorites. Delicate Few and Something Coming Over made my night, and I could not have planned it any better with About Mr. Brown last (even though they could have extended that a little bit with some freestyle). Will have to say I rank it 4th of my 4 shows, but any night that I see O.A.R. is a great night. Can't wait for the winter concert.

16 year old girls should not be allowed at any more O.A.R. concerts. -Witeshoes2 August 22, 2007
HORRRIBLEE SHOW. My 7th show i seen, and i was highly dissapointed. After seeing the setlist from the other shows i didnt know what to exspect. I am a fan of the older oar though, but why mr. moon? They been playing love and memories and hey girl at camden for the past 2343 shows there. Alot of same songs as last years summer show setlist too. Very dissapointed -LoveForEveryone August 25, 2007
this my 8th show and wasnt one of the best. there was a lot of energy on some songs, but u could tell who the real oar fans were when the old songs came on. and i agree with having them not play love and memories everytime at tweeter, but i guess they have to since its they're radio song. i was not a fan of the encore though, thought it was weak with bringing the other people out, city on down would have been nice to hear. about the campbells field lot, when theres a game goin on there the cops suck, we went to the parking garage on the top deck with no roof. only 6 cars up there, pretty fun tho -JWZ113 August 25, 2007
Awesome show. Huge OAR fan, been to 6 shows. This was not my favorite though. Don't get me wrong, it was good. I snagged 3rd row seats for this one, and the feeling was great up front (except for the fact that we couldnt take pics during the show without getting yelled at)

Thought setlist was ok, after looking at the following night, I was a little dissapointed. Would have loved program director or who's chariot. The vibe always is awesome at the shows. I felt the show was a little short. They could have thrown in another 2 songs and it would have been perfect. My favorite song of the nite was Short a Try. Never get sick of hearing that song. Midnight Rider was cool seeing the jam with everyone.

All and all, can not wait until next time they are in town. Will definately be getting my hands on tickets the next time in town.
-darkwingdck August 27, 2007
I've been to more OAR shows than I can count on my hands and feet, and this was indeed the worst. Still a great show, don't get me wrong, but the setlist was almost painful. I'm not a Cage fan, but I would've been fine with it had they played a couple other songs on top of it. Any or all of City on Down, Untitled, Get Away, or even So Moved On would have made the show. Mr. Moon is a great song guys, but following it with another rare song is risky. Also, would've liked to hear a new one... LITE, What Ever Happened, What Is Mine even. Still tight and still great, but they need to keep their great stuff in there; Hey Girl can go away. -TheWanderer27 September 3, 2007
Great show, so awesome to hear midnight rider. Most fun ive ever had. -MSG12707 September 24, 2007