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Album Stats
The Wanderer: 31%
Stories Of A Stranger: 23%
All Sides: 15%
In Between Now and Then: 15%
Risen: 8%
Souls Aflame: 8%

Show Rarity: 44.08%
Show rarity is the average rarity of all songs played at the show.
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Henry Maier Festival Park 07.02.2008 - Milwaukee, WI With: Summerfest Festival Lineup
  1. Set 1:
    1. Revisited
    2. Heard the World
    3. Shattered (Turn the Car Around)
    4. About an Hour Ago
    5. City on Down (Organ Intro)
    6. 52-50
    7. Missing Pieces
    8. Black Rock (Bongo Intro / Blood Outro)
    9. Living in the End
    10. Anyway
    11. Delicate Few
  2. Encore:
    1. Love and Memories &
    2. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker
& Marc and Richard.
Entire show with MikelParis on keys, percussion, and vocals.

Recordings No recordings available. Check back later.

Reviews Good show, opening with Revisited was very different but nice because I haven't heard that in concert yet. I had hoped they would play a good amount of stuff off All Sides but all they played was Shattered. Marc is a funny guy, made me laugh a few times. Crowd was good except for morons throwing shit. Jerry got hit with a card right when Marc was doing his outro, just dumb people. On the plus side I was half hoping they didn't play L&M because all the people around me were just people that showed up to see it, but they played it first encore with just Marc and Richard and it blew me away, with no drums or bass just guitar and it was incredible, I don't know if that's new or not but it was excellent. Good show overall, looking forward to my next one July 24th -tmbruz1 July 3, 2008
This was my 5th O.A.R. concert. Good vibes from everyone, sometimes even security. Personally I liked the july 2nd show better than the first, maybe thats cuz we were three rows back front and center! ILL setlist. Good singers. Who is marc kidding, of course we all know how to sing delicate few. Haha.

I've recently noticed that O.A.R. is like golf. They are one of those things you can enjoy at any age, and pick up whenever you decide to.

I really wanted to meet the band, just chill with them, ask them some questions, thank them for doin what they do. I always have wanted that, but I thought tonight it might happen. Guess it just wasn't in the cards this time around.

I was lookin at Rich thinking, what would it be like to be him looking out over this crowd seeing how people memorized all these songs that they have created singing the songs back to them. How crazy would that be. I could see it in his eyes. I've never been this close before. They were fuckin passionate tonight.

No free drumsticks. But it was so worth the 6 hour wait to get those seats.

Jerry smokes?

He gave the crowd a couple of looks like he was really disappointed, so did mark, I didn't understand. Maybe it was just frowning from lights.

my friends and I dropped $150 to get a limo from milwaukee to chicago at 12AM so we could watch the second night. TOTALLY WORTH IT.

and to anybody headed towards milwaukee in the future, wearing cubs apparel is dangerous shit. -WindyCityWanderer July 3, 2008
Another great show from OAR. Yes Jerry smokes. When I saw them in Minnesota for their last show of the tour I met all of the band out back. Jerry bummed me a smoke. I don't smoke, so I just pretended to smoke it while him and I talked.

Jerry and Mikel Paris were both really nice. The rest of the band seemed like they just wanted to get out of there. I got pics with everyone and one with Marc and me holding the HOME sign I made -WIoarFan July 3, 2008
As always, great show! Revisited was great to hear live. Great mix of older stuff and new stuff.

Now that they are more mainstream there's more crowds. At '04 Everfine we easily got to front row, nowadays we just hang back and enjoy. But...Always a friendly group around us at OAR concerts.

Sax solos are great, don't remember that much sax in shows back in '04. Rich, I dig the gold-tone Les Paul! Gibson finally took notice and hooked you up!
-davemont12 July 3, 2008
Great Show! I would put it in the top 3 that I have ever seen by O.A.R.

One of my favorite moments actually was after the band left the stage the DJ played "Dont Stop Believing" by Journey... the entire crowd started belting out the words and dancing as if O.A.R. was still playing Crazy Game of Poker. Usually the whole place clears out the second the band is done... it was kind of a cool scene. -Schmeeds July 3, 2008
What an amazing show they put on. They were definitely feelin passionate, i love seeing them like that even though they usually are. Fifth OAR concert and like always, front and center. Its the only way to close up and seeing the passion in their eyes. Pretty sick setlist...first time hearing About An Hour Ago, we were all freaking out. Delicate Few was awesome...of course we know the words Marc!!! Marc definitely made me laugh, what a funny and genuine guy. Must be crazy standing up there looking out to hundreds of people that admire what they do, singing every word to every song, old and new. This Town was awesome...would have been insane if they opened with that. I thought July 2 was better that the first night, probably because of the atmosphere. There were less obnoxious drunk people and i was surrounded by people who love the music as much as i do. I always feel like he is looking at me but i never know! I did meet all of them down at U of I, and got to chill, take pics and ask questions. So hopefully by now he knows my face but if he doesn't, can't blame him. As Marc says, all they want is for us to feel better after the show than how we felt before...and that is always accomplished. Can't wait for July 24th=]

no one wants to hear your shit -meldunn_oar July 3, 2008
I woke up this morning still thinking about last night, wow craziest setlist ever. About an hour ago gave me the chills it was soo bomb, but i have to say love and memories acoustic was amazing. This is my 5th time seeing OAR in the last year and i have to say i'd never seen them so excited on stage. Marc was going crazy dancing around, and everytime i looked over jerry was smiling. Front and center of course, people were drunk and creepin but for the most part chilled out when they took the stage. This just makes me that more excited for charter on the 24th,, and i'm seriously counting down the days till the 15th
Great show, as always.
oar is love. -zaverdas July 3, 2008
Check my stats for my shows, but I had been waiting a LONG LONG time to hear Revisited again. The rasta unfolding rhythm of Marc is intriguing to say the least, and it was awesomely displayed in Revisited. The growing reggae rhythm of Marc is ever so addicting as I see them again and again, hearing it more and more.
City on Down brought an awesome break where Marc took a chance to talk to the crowd and the organ intro has got to stay. The crowd was SUPER DUPER drunk and we spent most of our time grooving and less singing, but when Marc called upon us we came through…it’s Summerfest…it’s MILWAUKEE.
Black Rock was ever so emotional from Marc, the song’s meaning has grown and matured with him (much like the rest of their songs) and his emotion is so infectious the crowd could do nothing but freak out for the Blood outro.
Anyway, however, had some fantastic toot’n from Jerry, as the crowd I think showed him to most love. Richard was pretty mellow almost pissy, dude, give us a smile! Every time I see him he’s not smiling, not scowling, but emotionless in the face. But he completely makes up for it with his emo-filled rifts and drifting scales.
Love and Memories closed the first night which was awesome, but the acoustic version on the 2nd was AMAZING. The crowd was so drunk they didn’t even notice no other band members were on stage and still started jumping to the didn’t you intro to the chorus, pretty awesome.
The freestyle for poker with the opening line from city on down to start it sure was enlightening to say the least, his freestyles as a whole are becoming more and more enjoyable and rather impressive, Marc can float with the beat and spit stuff out like a champ, and it was pretty damn good.
BEST PART OF THE SHOW – Sadly, was after OAR left the stage for good, Journey came on and the whole front section stayed and jammed out to it! I’ve never ever seen a crowd stay so completely and actually fill back in for a song AFTER the show! People were dancing, loving, smoking, joking, aw man you name it, it was surely something to be a part off as I belted out Small Town by Journey and rocked out.
For me – best OAR show YET. Keep the magic coming, and can’t wait to hear the new album, shattered was amazing!!
-Steve-o- July 3, 2008
Sick concert, Jerry was crankin' the entire night espically Missing Pieces. Delicate Few was amazing, by far my favorite. I didn't like Poker too much though, (:0 -mrmoon2 July 7, 2008
meldunnoar and zaverdas are straight loser....they are both 12 year old girls...its ridiculous ive seen them at concerts and all they do is get drunk and scream for love and memories i pmac am a true fan those two girls are wanabees! Ahahahahaha -pmac2243 July 11, 2008