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Album Stats
All Sides: 32%
In Between Now and Then: 16%
Souls Aflame: 16%
The Wanderer: 16%
Stories Of A Stranger: 11%
34th & 8th: 5%
Unreleased: 5%

Show Rarity: 31.86%
Show rarity is the average rarity of all songs played at the show.
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Koka Booth Amphitheatre At Regency Park 09.26.2008 - Cary, NC With: Matt Wertz
  1. Set 1:
    1. About Mr. Brown
    2. Untitled
    3. What Is Mine
    4. Road Outside Columbus
    5. This Town
    6. So Moved On
    7. Dareh Meyod
    8. Whose Chariot?
    9. Lay Down
    10. Patiently
    11. One Day
    12. Love and Memories
    13. Night Shift
    14. Whatever Happened
    15. About an Hour Ago
  2. Encore:
    1. Short a Try ~
    2. Shattered (Turn the Car Around)
    3. War Song
    4. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker
~ Marc solo.
Entire show with MikelParis on keys, percussion, and vocals.

Live O.A.R.

Reviews setlist was amazingg, amazing show and night all together.

They played the shit out of every song.

show 9, and they get better every time i see them -nhlpunk101 September 27, 2008
I got to meet them before the show and they were nothing short of the coolest guys I could imagine.

The show was awesome. They played a lot of newer versions of older songs, and brought back Patiently, it's been a while since I've seen that on their set list. Some people apparently requested it before the show and I thank them. It was nice to hear the 5 songs from their new album. This was my third show, first in two years (out of about 4.5 years of listening to them) because of time/money situations but it was one hell of a way to bring their beats back to Cary. -nuggetWRX September 27, 2008
This was my 3rd OAR show and some days saddened that I did not follow them sooner, particularly because I like the "older" stuff. This was a great venue and great setlist. Of the 3 shows I have been to, this was by far the best on stage energy and best crowd (other concerts were in Knoxville and Portsmouth).
Great musicians, meaningful lyrics. That is OAR. Good stuff. -todd1aj September 28, 2008
4th show and it was awesome. Got in line early so we could get right up front and stayed there the whole night. I went to the show in Charlotte two nights before and this seemed like a better crowd. (Although it didn't beat the Red Rocks crowd 2 years ago...that show was simply amazing). The setlists was great. So moved on and Patiently were a treat and war song is absolutely amazing live.

If anyone has a recording, that would be greatly appreciated (didn't get a chance to buy the USB recording) Thx -snickdawg86 September 28, 2008
^ What? The show was dominated by old songs. Great show. Opening was great, the show was really awesome. The encore was great, the last three songs of the regular set. Great show. GA crowds continue to blow more. -tindawg31 September 28, 2008
Got to meet the band here so it made it very special concert.
Surprised to hear SO Moved On.. was very good, good to hear patiently -KingOfTheThing90 September 28, 2008
WOW, didn't go, but what a set. Lucky attendees! -mzervic September 29, 2008
Finally somebody put the concert recording up!!!! Thank you so much. This is my 3rd one and might just be the best. So much jammin. I loved it. -mpstalls September 30, 2008
This venue is probably the most unique I have been to. I got to the venue the day before and walked around. It is truly a beautiful place to see music. I didn't like the band being so far away from the front row, but the sound was amazing. I have only been to thirteen shows and it amazes me that I never tire of Poker. Will definately check them out again at Koka if the opportunity arises. -mottaboo September 30, 2008
Incredible show...I can seriously say best show I've seen the guys play. I feel like I say that every time, but its true. Set list was so sick. Went with a huge group of people and the venue was badass...can't wait to do it again. -AnnapolisOARfan September 30, 2008
Cool venue. The show was good but the crowd just didn't seem into it. There were a good amount of people there but people really only got excited for the new stuff. Great setlist, that including short a try and so moved on. -raw45 October 1, 2008
This show was awesome! Second concert. First time with my girl. Patiently was very well done. I was standing right infront of benj. There were these two people that never stopped making out and it was annoying. But none the less, I'm really hoping they come on back next year. -Ladanay04 November 13, 2008