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Album Stats
Stories Of A Stranger: 31%
Risen: 19%
The Wanderer: 19%
All Sides: 13%
Souls Aflame: 13%
34th & 8th: 6%

Show Rarity: 31.87%
Show rarity is the average rarity of all songs played at the show.
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Charter One Pavilion At Northerly Island 07.26.2007 - Chicago, IL With: Augustana
  1. Set 1:
    1. Here's to You
    2. King of the Thing
    3. Something Coming Over
    4. Lay Down
    5. Conquering Fools
    6. The Stranger
    7. Heard the World
    8. Living in the End
    9. Hey Girl *
    10. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker
    11. I Feel Home &
    12. Daylight the Dog (Hold Me Close Outro) ->
    13. Love and Memories
    14. Delicate Few
  2. Encore:
    1. Patiently
    2. About Mr. Brown
& Marc and Richard.
Entire show with MikelParis on keys, percussion, and vocals.
* with guest musician on guitar.

Recordings No recordings available. Check back later.

Reviews There was something different about tonights show that made it unlike any other I have seen to date...I can't quite put my finger on exactly what it was.
They played the perfect combination of new and old songs. And what a beautiful encore. I for one was in tears hearing both Patiently and About Mr. Brown, not just in one night but back to back. Living in the end is killer live. Mikel Paris compliments them well. Great show. -motorcycle_driveby July 27, 2007
it was dece, the shows havent been the same post love and memories -goblue7231 July 27, 2007
I liked the show a lot, it was a good mix. It shocked me to have Here's To You as the opener, and I loved it. The crowd was the worst I have ever seen but I tried to ignore it. Overall great performance and I can't wait to see them again. -City_On_Down July 27, 2007
Amazing set. There was a fight going on behind me during Delicate Few so that was kinda lame. A lot of songs I haven't heard them play live so it was nice to see some variety. -Jumper1015 July 27, 2007
I've been to the last 3 chicago shows and this was by far the best. The setlist was AMAZING, it was good to hear patiently and conquering fools. I think it was a great mix of songs and a great night overall. The only negative was that the crowd was not as good as it has been in the past. Otherwise this was the greatest concert I have ever been to! -Mike_Raab July 27, 2007
Concert was awesome, great performance guys. To the fine ass hot chick that stuck that kid in the eye... PROPS and I want you bad. To the guy that got stuck... You talked shit to a girl and got your ass beat, next time try the peace and love thing like everyone else. -IVIystic July 27, 2007
Like mentioned, they mixed old with new beautifully. You couldn't ask for a better night. The rain held off and the venue is amazing. I am just in Chicago for the summer, but I will definitely make a note to see another concert at Charter One. As for as the crowd, I think we could have been louder on the singing, but it was still just a great time to relax and let loose. A+ rating from me. -bwink July 27, 2007
Show was Great. Charter One is a good venue.This concert was alot better then the last at the UIC pavilion. Crowd was pretty rowdy,meanwhile the police and security were too strict, but the show made up for it. Can't wait for a recording. -Ontheblackrock July 27, 2007
Awesome Show.. Prob the best at Carter One Pavilion. -nick983k July 27, 2007
great show, loved hearing patiently and about mr brown was a shocker to end with....a lot of songs i never thought i would hear but damn glad that i did...crowd sucked though it was a buncha drunken teens starting fights but still a good show

does anybody know if they had 2 encores because it sure felt like they came out twice??? -programstranger July 27, 2007
16th show I've been to, and as a whole I liked the set list. It was a nice blend of oldies and new stuff, which was great. Typical Chicago crowd sucked, and limited band interaction with the crowd probably wasn't an accident. Way too many underagers were asking us if they could purchase our wristbands. Perfect night for a concert with a great view of the skyline and solid set, I'd give it a B-. -Bullhorn14 July 27, 2007
6th O.A.R. show and id have to say the best. Set list was unbelievable, i had a sign for them to play Sail Away and they didnt but i still love 'em. -Shegone24 July 27, 2007
front row and dead center me and bro with a few of our friends we got to charter one at 7 am to make sure we were. sickest concert ever for us we wrote on our easy erase board to play king of the thing and obviously they did but i guess they planned on it cuz its on the setlist i got. security guards owned got me a setlist and marcs pic. we got marc's attention when we told him we were there since 7 and he threw us the rock on sign. concert owned crowd in my area was insane soooo loud amazing cept stupid girls trying to push into front row me and my bro had to do some pushing. king of the thing was sick and best hey girl ive heard -pmac2243 July 27, 2007
one of the best shows ive been to. Conquering Fools made my night...and it was kinda sad to look around during that song and see nowhere near as many people jumping around and singing. I could have done w/o The Stranger or Daylight the Dog, but what are you going to do. It seems like they did Daylight the Dog as an intro into another song, but it could have been improv...whatever. I too was in tears duirng Patiently, everyone at that show should have been if they know the words because everyone has lost at least one loved one in their life. Lastly, me and my buddy started a No Woman No Cry chant during Poker cuz they moved through that really fast and i swear they were gonna play it. Oh well, we still got some other ppl around us to join in on it. -tfcolucci July 27, 2007
yeah, i agree the show was just amazing, from beginning to end. The mood that was set was wonderful. Even with the drunk slobs that ruin things at first but then just ignore them. Like at every concert. But none the less it was amazing, seems like every year it gets better and better. oh and the guy that said chicago crowds suck, obviously the band doesnt think so or else they would keep playing at charter one every year. -kpena07 July 28, 2007
The Show Was Amazing Yes, But I Wish They Would've Played Black Rock 52-50 and City On Down=[ But Other Than That It Was Amazing! Perfect Weather! Great Crowd. haha NWNC Would Have Been SICK! -Haraf21 July 28, 2007
This was my 3rd time seeing OAR....and it was by far the worst ive seen them play. I didnt like the set list...they played to many new songs...also the crowd was very rough and not even listinin to the was a bunch of drunk people trying to start fights...I was very disipointed in the preformance with them on this night. I also think the UIC show and the 05 show at Northerly were much better then this 1. -Wilma1009 July 28, 2007
Absolutely a great show. Set list was immaculate with the old songs aka Conquering Fools. they set a pace for a great night in Chicago. But the crowd made the concert less desirable. And the ending was so beautiful and meaningful. It's awesome that change the mood of the crowd during that encore and make it go crazy during with Living in the end, Hey Girl and poker in a row. -Untitled07 July 29, 2007
i was front and center with my friends at 7 am and it was the best night of my life... opening with HTY and patienly at the end wur lovely...and we met a group of guys there one guy named garret who desperatly wanted mr. brown cause he had never heard it live....and what did they close with...fuck yea garret oar 4 lyfeeee -OAR4lyfe July 29, 2007
My first O.A.R. show and I gotta say, it was amazing. "Here's to You" was a shocking yet brilliant opener. Other highlights of the first half included "King of the Thing", "Conquering Fools", and "Hey Girl". "Heard the World" sounded exactly like the record, and "I Feel Home" and "Delicate Few" were played to perfection. Sure, they played some new songs which the crowd wasn't really getting into, but I myself like those songs. Anyways, "That Was a Crazy Game of Poker" was absolutely insane along with "About Mr. Brown". Crowd was a little rough, but all in all, amazing night. -wanderer465 July 30, 2007
here's to you =Awesome opener. The band came out and ROCKED it. Very tight and clean and got the venue bumping
king of the thing = i thought i was in the middle of 34th and 8th all over again
something coming over =very nice to hear a second time live. this time with the capo.
lay down = always great song. Awesome rock out session then a killer sax solo
conquering fools = got the old fans and me happy with an awesome solo in the middle. very upbeat
the stranger = i called L&M cause i saw jerry grab his guitar and then the did this. very unexpected to me.
heard the world =same as MSG 2 without the hot mic haha
living in the end = Effhing Rad just like marc would put it into words. I got a lil video of this on my camera
hey girl = teenage girls went crazy and there was that guest star who took over richards solo
poker = I love the middle poker. It felt like the setlist kept going and going and i wasn't sure what to expect next. :-)
i feel home = first time i heard it live and it was everything i imagined and then some.
daylight the dog (hold me close outro into L&M's) the hold me close outro was cool cause it was a slow jam that lead into l&M
love and memories = once again cue the teenage girls... no cupcake lyric. it was "but your cute when your sweet, and ugly when your not, YOUUU"
delicate few = let the crowd sing the beginning like the last concert and then when it got to ya'll ready to dance tonight it was crazy.

patiently (dedicated to jordan and louis)= It was emotional. I could look at marc throughout the song and he would be looking up right into the sky. It also started to sprinkle a bit of rain which was like "this must be jwho droping down for a listen) it was very cool
about mr brown (micheal) then by the time this song started the rain had stopped and Marc said, I won't let it rain on tonights parade. I thought that was very special.

Sail away poster that you made you told me that they'd play it cause they haven't in 4 years. You lied to me :-(..

Ok here goes my experiance of the concert... Me and my group got there at around 3:00. We sat by the gates and played some cards and what not. When the Gates opened we sprinted in and since the right side and middle of the stage was taken, i ran over to Benj's side. My whole group was against the rail there. I was right by a drunk kid that i thought was gonna puke within the first 20 minutes if being there. Anyway the concert started with Augastana and they were pretty good. But it seems like with any opening band they are always too loud so i had to put some ear plugs in until O.A.R. came out. They came out and Rocked it. But this lil drunk chick who had a vip wrist braclet on tryed to push here way up to the front next to me and the drunk kid. Lucky she was like 4 feet tall otherwise i wouldn't have let here come next to me. But the drunk kid wouldn't stop swinging his hips back and forth and bumping the girl who would then would bump into me. I told them to stop and they did for the most part but would occasionally start it up again. Crowd surfing was honestly like every song. I hate that. I was too worried about the girls in our group getting kicked in the face by a crowd surfer so i couldn't enjoy the concert. That made me mad. Also their was this drunk kid right behind our group would was cussing out everybody and was threating everybody that he would fight them. Was bumping into these girls the whole show until finally the guards went to grab him, but he pushed his way back through the crowd and dissappeared. Was back like three songs later with another beer and the same thing happened and he tried to run away, but everybody in the area grabbed him and threw him back to the front so he could be taken out. I cheered at that point. I had to hold on to the rail and push inward to the middle the whole time not to lose our place cause drunk people were pushing out the whole time. Also the throwing things on stage has to stop. Cups or something in a wad got throw on stage and almost hit Benj. "Benj gave the WTF face and then just shruged his sholder's because he knew it was pointless because it would just keep happening. A crowd surfer got his shoe ripped off and thrown on stage that almost hit Marc. Then a green thing got thrown at Mikel and it hit him in the chest and he looked PISSED. I Felt soo bad for the band the whole time and i had a hard time enjoying the concert for just these little incidents because they wouldn't stop. I can't think of anything more that i can say at this moment but i hope it gave you guys a view of stupid drunk people at the concert. I wish that i could have just sat down on a bench that was covered with a shield but had the suround sound and not have worried about a thing except what song they would play next. Way to Rock it guys even dispite all that. You guys are an awesome group. -Justin=OARFAN July 30, 2007
Awesome set, even though I was surprised at times of the song order, such as the Here;s To You opener and the Living In The End Hey Girl and Poker trifecta. The guys were great as usual, but like everyone has aready pointed out, the crowd was annoyingly disrespectful. From throwing objects to crowd surfing the guys and respectful crowd members didn't deserve the rude behavior. All in all good show with a great set, but disrespectful crowd. -kcurie22 July 31, 2007
very good show even though the crowd sucked at times.... anyone know if there was a recording? -chapu July 31, 2007