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Album Stats
All Sides: 21%
The Wanderer: 21%
Stories Of A Stranger: 16%
Souls Aflame: 16%
King: 5%
Rain Or Shine: 5%
In Between Now and Then: 5%
Risen: 5%
Cover Songs: 5%

Show Rarity: 33.93%
Show rarity is the average rarity of all songs played at the show.
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Frontier Field 08.17.2008 - Rochester, NY With: Ozomatli
  1. Set 1:
    1. 52-50
    2. Wonderful Day
    3. Someone in the Road
    4. Whose Chariot?
    5. This Town
    6. About Mr. Brown
    7. Tonight
    8. Conquering Fools
    9. About an Hour Ago
    10. On My Way
    11. Hey Girl
    12. Love and Memories
    13. Shattered (Turn the Car Around)
    14. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker
    15. Are You Low? ->
    16. Night Shift
  2. Encore:
    1. I Feel Home &
    2. Fool in the Rain
    3. Whatever Happened *
& Marc and Richard.
Entire show with MikelParis on keys, percussion, and vocals.
* with Ozomatli.

Live In A Flash
No Link

Reviews Wow, wow, wow! I'm willing to say this was the best show yet. The atmosphere was great, set list was full of classics and surprises. Can NOT WAIT for this to be posted, thanks in advance. The venue was pretty chill and nobody seemed to mind the tailgating. Great night! -mike_jervis August 17, 2008
Weather and Setlist were amazing. First time at Frontier, and was pretty happy with the setup. The crowd was pretty typical, wide range of drunk kids, kids, drunk adults, adults, haha.

Also went to the meet & greet before the show, and was very happy to have some one and one with the band. Got plenty of autographs and pictures, they were super nice. Also got to hang out with Ozo during OAR, they kept walking around checking out the set.

First time hearing "Are you Low" and "Tonight", pretty impressed with both. Also picked up a USB recording, so I can listen to this set again. Awesome setlist, awesome show, def. add it to my fav's. -Sleepr56 August 17, 2008
amazing, are you low sign def paid off. amazin show. good way to end the tour. -FeelinEverfine August 18, 2008
Great set, pretty good venue as well. Would have liked to have seen them at cmac again but overall a great experience. hearing tonight was great. anyone who picked up the usb recording or taped (I saw a mic there) please upload this show -cityondown13 August 18, 2008
Great venue, great night, lot's of unexpected songs. Loved hearing Fool In The Rain. Whatever Happened with Ozomatli was EPIC!!
Being able to take a sound board recording of the show home with me on the wristband topped off a great night. -ktelaak August 18, 2008
Great show... although it seemed kinda short. The setlist was pretty solid, mix of old and new stuff. Whatever Happened blew my mind with Ozomatli! -larocca41 August 18, 2008
My 3rd time seeing Ozomatli and 2nd OAR, great on both accounts. I, too, would have liked the CPAC over the asphalt, but all things considered, this was a great venue- people were happy tailgating, security was chill, the crowd in our DFC area was cool...

Jerry came out and jammed with Ozo early and Marc did too- that was exceedingly cool, not only for a headline singer to wear an opener's tshirt, not only to come out and introduce them as your faves, but to actually sing on a song. No way you can expect it, but it didn't surprise me from OAR.

I was hoping the early crowdsurfing rant wouldn't hurt the later vibe, and I think everyone was happy as the set progressed. I wasn't disappointed by any of the choices, the groove was loose and jamming ferocious, especially with Ozo on "Whatever Happened." -brewdog August 18, 2008
awesome show, would say one of the best i've ever been too, tonight was a suprise and whatever happened kicked ass -benspo111 August 18, 2008
Great show. Aweseome setlist. tonight was a big surprise. one of the best shows ive seen. i really liked how marc and jerry came out and played with ozo. its shows that they have a great respect for the band. whatever happened was unbelievable. i didnt want it to end. also, the wristbands were really cool. we got to listen to the concert as soon as we got back to the hotel. only downside was there was a lot of people pushing and trying to get up to the front, which to my surprise was a lot of older people, in about there 20s. thats all i was upset about. other than that, it was an amazing concert. -iamaw30 August 18, 2008
Awesome venue good setlist too many drunk screaming middle schoolers. Marc had to ask the crowd to stop crowd surfing and fighting in the middle of a song. Overall it was pretty good show I cant wait to see them with FoxTrot Zulu -soulaflame8 August 18, 2008
Wow that show was awesome!! I have seen OAR somthin like 18 times and this show was one of, if not the best. We got them to play are u low? Witch I have been waiting to hear it’s a sick tune. They played that right into night shift and fallowing the encore a little I feel home. The version of whatever happened was ridiculous the saxophone battle was crazy. -DOA_dave August 18, 2008
Third O.A.R. show and second time seeing them on the tour (The other time being the killer opener at Cornell on 4/6/08) and they were awesome. Great mix of favorites both old and new. The Venue was perfect except for the crowd. No one knew the lyrics to the songs! That made me mad because as my crew was singing their hearts out to all our old favorites these kids were just looking at us funny. Anyways, great energy by the band and they played what I wished for on my last night before heading off to college- Tonight and I Feel Home. Ozomatli was killer as well. -84secondsago August 18, 2008
Awesome show. If anyone has pics of "Spikes" the Red Wings mascot dancing on stage with the band, please post them.

The USB wrist bands is one of the best ideas ever. Copy of the album, that night's show, and some good pics. All mp3 with no drm bs. I can only hope other bands follow this lead.

The Rochester show' USB wristband should be available online soon from O.A.R.'s site -xdownfornowx August 18, 2008
Had a blast with "84secondsago." Third show, and a good night at that. Some assholes decided to fight, which wasn't cool at all. "Tonight" came outta the blue. Felt like one of the only ones who knew "Are You Low" as well. "Whatever Happened" with Ozo was a great way to end the night. As usual the Love and Memories/ Poker crowd was hammered 15 year old girls who pushed to try to get up front, which as we know is enough to piss us true fans off. Anyways, the boys did great, nice way to end the summer for me, check out the tapes. -NextMovement41 August 18, 2008
absolutely unbelievable. got there around 4, waited in line and managed to get into the front row. Ozomatli was amazing...but OAR was perfection. great to see jerry out with the ozomatli guys showing support for the opening act. loved the setlist, cant wait for next time -ryannmck August 19, 2008
lol so sweet,i was holding the are u low sighn...oh fuck yea -leastloaded27 August 22, 2008
This was my first O.A.R. show and I had a blast, I def. wish I knew more people who liked O.A.R., I went alone but still had a pretty great time :) -5250jme September 10, 2008
great show, great setlist. loved tonight, have heard better versions of it though. are you low was awesome too. fool in the rain was definitely my favorite, haven't heard it live since 2004.
ozmatli was SICK! they were great in whatever happened too!
unfortunately a reccurring theme, but by far the worst crowd ever. average age about 15, everyone obliterated drunk. marc even stopped in the middle of chariot to yell at 2 kids who were fighting. i wish the retarded kids who aren't even old enough to drive would stop ruining the shows for everyone else
also, we asked for a setlist and one guy was about to give us one, but then another crew member told him he couldn't because they weren't allowed to anymore. i was NOT happy!
nevertheless, OAR was still amazing as always lol -anytimenow5250 November 22, 2008